Florida Atlantic Masters


Swim Lessons


We provide private swim lessons for individuals from novice to world class swimmers.  


We are experienced in providing lessons to adults who have never learned to swim.  We recognize that the water can be fear inducing to many people and have successfully helped people overcome their fear of the water.   


Experienced swimmers can always use a "tune up".  Over time we acquire habits and in some cases they are not good ones.  A critical observer of proper stroke technique can help uncover and correct these practices.   


We are firm believers in the necessity to maintain good stroke technique in order to continue swimming for "the long haul".  Improper technique leads to injury and injury will keep the swimmer out of the water.  A very wise person once said, "there is absolutely no health benefit from swimming if you are not in the water - and you will not be in the water if you are hurt". 

Please call or e-mail for prices on private lessons.


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